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Pizza Lollipops

I haven’t really had a fix for a lollipop since I was maybe 6 or 7. If there happened to be one laying around and I needed a sugar kick, sure, I’d give stick one in my mouth and be on my way, but as I aged, I moved further away from fruity sugar candy and closer to chocolate and ...

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Yoda Pizza Was Surely Delivered Via the Force

I can’t say I’ve every thought of Jedis as edible, but if you think about it, eating Yoda might actually be OK. He’s not human, so it’s not technically cannibalism. But it would be a little odd eating a creature that could talk back to me. The Yoda Pizza is made using green peppers, black olives, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese and ...

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Sudoku Pizza

Sudoku has had a major surge in popularity over the last several years, taking the place of crossword puzzles as the geeky geekier equivalent of Solitaire. But you know us geeks, we always have to take things a step further than necessary. Just when we thought everything was in its right place, we throw an Italian-inspired curve ball. If you ...

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Direct Line T-Shirt: Know Your Priorities

And thus the existential query is asked. Batman or Pizza? That is the question. You’ve got to know your priorities. Rather than having two separate phones dedicated to your two most commonly dialed numbers, it made sense to combine the two. That is until you called for a superhero and wound up with a large with extra cheese.� I somehow ...

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Pizza Cutter Chainsaw Slices Up a Pie, Helps Dispose of Bodies

Even though I’m all-man, I don’t mind being a puss every once in a while and cooking for my woman. Cooking usually equals ordering a pizza and saying I made it from scratch. The problem with this plan is that most cookery is made for ladies, as is the nature of things. So I need a pizza cutter that’s really ...

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My Pizza Pi is 3.142 Times As Good As Yours

How many digits of Pi can you remember, without peeking? The first four decimal places are enough to fill my needs. If you’re interested in memorizing the ubiquitous digits of Pi, the Pizza Pi tray can keep the number fresh in your mind, even when your munching away at a few slices of extra cheese. This plate will take you ...

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