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Wooly Willy Table

Instructables user noahw put together this insanely awesome DIY project, teaching us how to create our very own Wooly Willy Table. Those of us who remember playing with Wooly Willy or similar incarnations in our childhood know that even though the concept of moving around iron flakes with a magic magnet wand might seem too simple, it’s strangely addicting. While ...

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Photoshop Magnet Kit

Fancy your ‘fridge for a canvas? You should really check out this magnetic board from Meninos. It’s a 30-inch board that comes with a set of magnets featuring all your favorite Adobe Photoshop tools. The interface resembles that of Creative Suite 3 running on OS X, ensuring that your magnets are up to date. It’ll run you $80 and if ...

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Where’s Vince?

Seriously, where’s Vince? Could he be rock climbing like this wire-clad lad attached to my fridge? Absolutely not. Vince couldn’t climb if his ass depended on it. I hear he’s in LA meeting with important people concerning important things exchanging important facts in an important room, but then again – what do I know?

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Cheapest Money Clip Sold For Top Dollar

Money clips can be made out of anything. Paper clips, rubber bands, you name it and a money clip is made of it.� Designer Scott Amron is trying to dupe people into buying either a $12 pre-made money clip or a $9 DIY kit to make your own. The design is simple: a dollar bill with one end taped with ...

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Craft Your Own Bass Guitar Pickup

Bass guitar is a wonderful thing. I’ve been playing since I was about 8-years-old and truly love it. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to own a bass guitar though, so if you’ve got $5.00, a toolkit, a shoebox and a piece of wood, you’re set for a weekend of jamming out. According to this Instructables article, you ...

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SkyTRX Mini Tracker: How the high-tech ninja stalks his prey

The SkyTRX Mini Tracker is the solution for the high-tech stalker. A mountable, small, water-resistant, tracker that mounts using a magnet located on the device. Rather it be for tracking your girlfriends every step or following enemies for sinister purposes, the SkyTRX gets the job done in a discreet fashion. Powered by only two AAA batteries, the SkyTRX stores up ...

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