Cheapest Money Clip Sold For Top Dollar

Money clips can be made out of anything. Paper clips, rubber bands, you name it and a money clip is made of it.� Designer Scott Amron is trying to dupe people into buying either a $12 pre-made money clip or a $9 DIY kit to make your own. The design is simple: a dollar bill with one end taped with a magnet and the other end taped with a piece of metal.

It folds around your wad of bills as if it is just another dollar among them and it is! This simple and efficient design for a money clip makes me wonder if it would be more rewarding to forgo Amron’s offer of a DIY kit in favor of an attempt to make your own similar concept for a slimmer impact on your budget.

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  1. Yes, but all those DIYs out there better pay heed to the mighty US’s ominous patent system! Obvious ideas like this become exclusive to their designers all the time. Thorough research should be undertaken or the Intellectual Property hounds may come and lay claim to the wad of bills you infringing magnetic bill holder contains!

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