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Pocket Clip Pencil Eliminates Need for Pocket Protector

You know what I always say, anything that removes the need for a pocket protector is a good thing. Well, okay, that might be the first time I’ve ever said that, but it’s true. More room for our scientific calculator. The Pocket Clip Pencil is a fine example of why minimalist design is sometimes some of the most innovative and ...

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Klypsos, A New Use For The Paper Clip

When you’re at a kicking party that’s got a ton of free wine and hors d’oeuvres, your hands are bound to be full. With this re-imagined paper clip, however, holding a glass of wine with your dish full of appetizers will leave your other hand free to shake hands and/or grab asses. The Polish design studio Razy2 is calling this ...

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Cheapest Money Clip Sold For Top Dollar

Money clips can be made out of anything. Paper clips, rubber bands, you name it and a money clip is made of it. Designer Scott Amron is trying to dupe people into buying either a $12 pre-made money clip or a $9 DIY kit to make your own. The design is simple: a dollar bill with one end taped with ...

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Clip your nostrils to stop snoring

  Snoring can be both embarassing and annoying, especially to the person sleeping next to you (unless of course, both of you snore, that will depend on who gets to sleep first). There’re a million therapies out there for you to burn money with, but there’s something we discovered today that you might want to try out, and it only ...

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