Clip your nostrils to stop snoring


Snoring can be both embarassing and annoying, especially to the person sleeping next to you (unless of course, both of you snore, that will depend on who gets to sleep first). There’re a million therapies out there for you to burn money with, but there’s something we discovered today that you might want to try out, and it only takes a few bucks. We’re showing you these nostril clips that come in 4 pairs of different sizes. They are in pairs because one is for yourself, and the other is for the person next to you, with a handle attached at the end that you can manipulate and  shove it into  the nose  when he or she’s  asleep and snoring so loudly it gets  on to  your nerves. Give that a try if you are in Japan, or try making one of them yourselves at home. —Sam Chan

Wholesale flyer  [1-2-3 pdf file]

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  1. I would like to advertise your product with my nose

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