SkyTRX Mini Tracker: How the high-tech ninja stalks his prey


The SkyTRX Mini Tracker is the solution for the high-tech stalker. A mountable, small, water-resistant, tracker that mounts using a magnet located on the device. Rather it be for tracking your girlfriends every step or following enemies for sinister purposes, the SkyTRX gets the job done in a discreet fashion.

Powered by only two AAA batteries, the SkyTRX stores up to 100 hours of data, calculating someones location and speed once a second. The 16 channel GPS tracker is accurate to within 2.5 meters with its high-tech built in computer and features a direct to USB connection. Don’t worry about it wasting precious battery power when the subject is parked idly. The SkyTRX has a battery conserving stand-by mode. Animated street level mapping software is included. If tracking or stalking is that important to you pick one of these up for $260. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [ThinkGeek]

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