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A Guide to the Best Wireless Earphones in 2021

It’s 2021, and wired earphones are a thing of the past. The days of using the tacky, plastic earphones that come with a new smartphone are over because it’s time to invest in a pair of good-quality wireless earphones.  While many people would disagree with us, we think that wireless earphones are more convenient and comfortable than wired earphones. They ...

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Homely Calls! – Gadgets to Spruce Your House

gadgets for home

Being a part of the modern culture, the word smart is now not only used to address a student but as a tag to each and everything that surround us. From smartphones to smart cabs, ironically these smart commodities prevent us. Still, since each one of us desires the maximum amount of rests; smarter gadgets are definitely irreplaceable parts of ...

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Nerd talks… – 10 Must Have Tech Gadgets

top 10 tech gadgets

The demand and supply of new technology and the implementation of it keeps increasing day by day. It never ceases to surprise us with the amount of variation and creativity it offers with every new release of a gadget. The evolution of technology is only seen through the application of it via gadgets. While many of these gadgets have become ...

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Best Gadgets Money Can Buy This Christmas

Unless you shop around, you’re likely to discover that gadgets can be expensive. The latest iPad, iPhone or even the Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost you hundreds, leaving you with little left for Christmas dinner or booze. As many of us are feeling the pinch, stretching to, say, £100 for a budget tablet seems a little far off, but what if money was no object?

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