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The demand and supply of new technology and the implementation of it keeps increasing day by day. It never ceases to surprise us with the amount of variation and creativity it offers with every new release of a gadget. The evolution of technology is only seen through the application of it via gadgets. While many of these gadgets have become a part of our life such as a mobile phone, TV, etc. there are many that are out there which are not known to you but are quite essential. Here’s a list of must have tech gadgets if you haven’t already had them.

top 10 tech gadgets

1. Solar Phone Charger – One of the must have tech gadgets!

A gadget to supplement the most essential product of our life is a phone charger. However, you do not find a power socket everywhere you go. Sometimes you might not even be in proximity to one such power output points. Well, here comes solar phone charger to the rescue. This gadget targets the most widely used and researched alternate source of energy and makes the most out of it. Who would have known that all you need to do is put it up against a ventilated window and plug in your phone and see it charging. How’s that for a must have?

2. Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Annoyed of listening to your partner singing in the bathroom? Well, gift them a shower speaker and you will be less annoyed as it will be backed with actual music. To all the music maniacs out there, why stop at the bathroom? This set of technology will help you have the pleasure of listening to music in your shower. All you need to do is connect your phone to the speakers via Bluetooth and you will be able to answer calls, play and pause music and change tracks too right from your shower.

3. Virtual Keyboard

The minute keyboard on your phone making you frustrated by making you type the wrong letters? What if you could carry one of your own well-spread keyboard with you at all times? Yes, it is no more a fantasy. A device that projects out a keyboard for you to use and type enabling you to give yourself some room and space and is particularly useful if you have big hands and a small screen. This portable option pairs with your phone, laptop and other such devices.

4. Windshield Projector

You must have been really fascinated by looking at the hi-tech gadgets and features showcased in the sci-fi movies and various out Hollywood movies. The display on the windshield of your car is something that we all find fascinating and will do almost anything to have it. How about taking this up to help navigate your way through the town? Tired of looking at your phone all the time you drive to help you out with the navigation? How about a piece of technology that projects some navigation data for you on to the windshield so that you can look through and drive as well? The device mounts on to the dashboard and projects an image giving information about the distance to cover, turns if any, etc. A must have for those who do not have inbuilt navigation system display in their car.

5. Jewel trackers

Not to give someone the wrong idea, but if you are looking to figure out how to keep a track of someone, gift them these bracelets or pendants which will enable you to keep an eye on their location without you seeming any suspicious. However, be careful not to use it for purposes that are against the law. Best form of usage of this piece of tech is on your cute and fuzzy pets which might be waiting for a chance to get out. Make sure you do not go for something too fancy since they will not look so great on them. Apart from that, you know its uses already.

6. Hi-tech Infant Car Seat

Making your baby sit in the back is not uncommon. But whenever you do, are you sure you are doing it right? Made specifically for new mom’s this fascinating car seat for infants. This car seat is accompanied by an app on your phone that will enable you to monitor levels and tensions while doing go. So when you do it this time, do it right and stay at peace knowing that your baby is all safe.

7. Smart Umbrella

How can an umbrella be smart? Well, how many times have you foreseen the weather and taken an umbrella with you to work so that you do not get drenched? Yes, that’s right. Never. Well, you will not have to worry anymore about getting drenched in the rain with the help of this umbrella that knows when it is going to rain and will keep giving you a reminder so that you do not leave it behind. An umbrella that’s on the lookout for you so that you don’t catch a cold, how caring!

8. USB Charging Station

With the current life of smart phones, we always find ourselves looking around for a power source. And if you are at home with your family, there are too many people in every house and everyone has too many a number of phones and tablets that are in the need of power supply. Running out of power sockets are we? Well, you will not have to worry about it anymore if you have this USB charging station that lets you place your phones and charge then in individual slots. You get a range of 5 stationed to 7 stationed charging hubs. You do not have to run behind power sockets anymore. You might expect the device to be bulky but the sophistication of the gadget will leave you speechless.

9. Mobile Portable Document Scanner

Wish to scan a document while you are on the move? Well, you cannot carry around a huge scanner everywhere for sure. You can however, try this portable scanner that lets you scan documents when you want and wherever you want. All you need to do is run this device vertically on the paper and you will have the scanned piece of document ready to use.

10. Bluetooth Smart Luggage

Worried you might lose your luggage? Worried you haven’t locked it right? Well, lock up your worries and put it all in the luggage because you do not have to worry about it since you can track it and can even lock it though the app on your phone. Makes life much easier doesn’t it?

If you closely look at the devices that took up your life space a few years ago and then have a look now, you will see the amount of changed that have taken place since then. You will see the quality of technology growing and taking over more aspects of your life and with time it is only bound to get more impactful on our everyday lives. If you are looking out for more developed gadgets with finer tuned technology, give it some time and you will not be let down by the developments and progress that will come to surface.

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