Blinking Eye Ring: Creepy Chic


Getting poked in the eye sucks. Having your eye worn on the finger of some hipster sucks even worse. The Blinking Eye Ring seems like the perfect fashion statement for anyone who wants to seem more intellectual and artsy than they actually are. “The eye stands for like, inner-vision and peace, or something, bro.” Just remember, there’s no ‘eye’ in loner.

Much like the eye of a toy doll, the Blinking Eye Ring opens when held in a vertical position and closes when held horizontally. While Ginga Squid seems to be out of stock of the rings at the moment, you can purchase your very own creepy product of existentialism for $130 when they’re back in stock. More pics after the jump.



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  1. Omg Where can i get this ring at? jd*=)$

  2. i must have this ring or i will eat you !!!!!!!!! trust that i will……eat you that is..thank u and please let me know where i can get this great art piece!!!

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