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Edgar Allan Bro

If Poe had lived in modern times, he so would have adopted the bro lifestyle. It just fits in with his party hardy lifestyle. Either that, or he would have been in a mental institution or rehab facility. The Raven might have read instead “So this black bird was tapping on the door of my frat house when me and ...

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World Landmark Rings are Classy, Great as a Weapon

Look, I’m not what you might call a hipster, unless sitting around in your pajamas all day is considered hip these days. But I do like to get a little flashy when I get all dolled up to go out. Slip a digit into one of the four World Landmark Rings, which bear the idol of the Leaning Tower, Big ...

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Blinking Eye Ring: Creepy Chic

Getting poked in the eye sucks. Having your eye worn on the finger of some hipster sucks even worse. The Blinking Eye Ring seems like the perfect fashion statement for anyone who wants to seem more intellectual and artsy than they actually are. “The eye stands for like, inner-vision and peace, or something, bro.” Just remember, there’s no ‘eye’ in ...

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Panda Ear Buds Perfect For Your Japanese Girlfriend

If you’re a true geek you’ve likely either dated a Japanese girlfriend or fantasized about having one. If by any chance you actually have one, they would surely go totally nuts over these Panda Ear buds. You know how girls, in general, not even specifically Japanese, are into this cutesy shit. Even if you’re a hipster dude, you might dig ...

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Mosley Tribes Resort/Spring ’09 Shades

Here in New York, it’s currently fashion week. What is it? It’s essentially a week where everyone goes batshit for new looks and afterparties. If only Mosley Tribes’ Spring 2009 lineup of sunglasses were available, I’d be able to get laid with Kirsten Dunst or an equally trashy blonde. That’s right. Slap on a pair of the Wayfarer-style glasses and ...

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DIY: Wearable LED Light Bracelet Cuff

Jealous of the way other people’s wrists glow and yours is just plain and pasty? You too can have shiny wrists. Perhaps shinier than anyone else’s wrist. The Sparklab Wearable Light kit is a wrist cuff with embedded LED’s. The Velcro strap acts as a switch, so that the lights are only illuminated when the bracelet is being worn. The ...

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