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Cyclops Sunglasses Will Never Come in 3D

The life of a cyclops is a sad one. No 3D, limited peripheral vision… what’s the point? Two words: Cyclops Sunglasses. In fact, these glasses are made for us bi-optical peeps (sorry, one-eye, them be the ropes). Air in my lungs, food in my tummy, two eyes on my face… life is good. Link

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Eye Dot Me Light

Now I know what Michael Jackson was finally talking about when he uttered the lyrics “Somebody’s watching me.” Clearly he was referring to the Eye Dot Me, a lamp created by Simon Schiessl and Felix Hardwood. Part of the 2009 DMY Berlin Design Festival, the Eye Dot Me features a bunch of high-powered LEDs that create the illusion of an ...

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Blinking Eye Ring: Creepy Chic

Getting poked in the eye sucks. Having your eye worn on the finger of some hipster sucks even worse. The Blinking Eye Ring seems like the perfect fashion statement for anyone who wants to seem more intellectual and artsy than they actually are. “The eye stands for like, inner-vision and peace, or something, bro.” Just remember, there’s no ‘eye’ in ...

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Shitting and Knitting

This is a knitted roll of toilet paper. If you thought that was funny, look closely. It has eyes and a little mouth, thus giving life to an otherwise inanimate roll of wool. Want one? They aren’t for sale but lucky for you, creator Anna has whipped up a nice tutorial for knitters who’d like to make their own. Link ...

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Terrifying Halloween Eyes

We saw Matt Daughtrey’s terrifying Halloween project on Make and before you know it, it had us shaking in our boots. OK, that’s a blatant lie; on the other hand the LMDriver platform he uses is neat. It works with LEDs to display eyes that look around and blink. It’s a project that’s begging to be put into a pumpkin, ...

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Gain super eye power with Nintendo DS

After all those brain and IQ training games on DS, Nintendo thinks that the next thing to train would be our eyes! So they announced this all new Eye Power Training game in Japan that works your eyes in 5 ways: 1. Motion vision: the ability of picking up and seeing moving objects clearly 2. Powerful glances: the ability to ...

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