Gain super eye power with Nintendo DS


After all those brain and IQ training games on DS, Nintendo thinks that the next thing to train would be our eyes! So they announced this all new Eye Power Training game in Japan that works your eyes in 5 ways:

1. Motion vision: the ability of picking up and seeing moving objects clearly

2. Powerful glances: the ability to catch as much information within a very short period of time

3. Eyeball motion: the ability to trace objects with responsive eyeball movements

4. Effective visual field: the ability of making use of the information you see at the rim of your visual field

5. Hand-eye coordination

Nintendo recommends training everyday, with all these polygon flying over the screen, and these oddly artificial “sports-mode” which should resemble real life situation more. Towards the end of the training, the DS will tell you how old your eyes are based on what they can do, you can save your record and see how your eyes improve (or deteriorate) as time goes by. The Eye Power Training program will be available on May31 at $33. —Sam Chan


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