The Best Snapchat Story Games For You To Try With Your Friends!

Best Snapchat Story Games

On average there are more than four billion Snaps sent daily. The younger generations, especially those under 16, love Snapchat. To keep themselves entertained with the app, Gen Z has recently begun playing games on their Snapchat stories! 

Snapchat was the first among many social media rivals to include Snapchat stories. Snapchat Story Games are one of the many entertaining activities available in your Snapchat Stories, and they are among the most fun. The Snapchat Story Game allows you to interact meaningfully with others unfamiliar to you, entertain friends, develop healthy relationships with your partners through Snapchat Question Games, and create a poll to find out what your public profile followers are interested in. This guide is written specifically for you if you don’t know how to play Snapchat Story Games with your pals. 

You can share more than just pictures of the food you’re having, drinks, and photos with a dog filter using Snapchat’s Story Games feature. It entices you to play with your pals and other Snapchat users. You’ll never get bored with these games because they’re so varied, and anyone can play them. In this article, we explore several Snapchat Story Games. We have separated the content into three sections: Ask Me Anything Snapchat Story Games, Crush Snapchat Story Games, and Funny Snapchat Story Games. Let the games begin!

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Here are 11 entertaining Snapchat Story Games to spend your time on:

Ask Me Anything Snapchat Story Games:

Never Have I Ever: 

The secret to a successful game of Never Have I Ever is to get to know your other players better and to make sure you blend enough tedious tasks with unexpected ones. From finding out about your friend’s childhood, if they have ever changed a tire in their lives, to scandalous experiences about their relationships, this game can open up entirely new cans of worms with a lot of insightful questions and make you look at not just your friends but life in general differently. 

While playing this game in real life is enjoyable, doing so on Snapchat stories may be just as captivating and enjoyable. In the traditional drinking game Never Have I Ever, players go around the room answering questions about things they’ve never done. The simple Never Have I Ever rules are as follows: By taking turns, the players list hypothetical experiences they may have never had. If someone has acted, they post a story claiming to have done so. This game has the potential to take nasty turns, so we recommend playing it via personal Snapchat stories with your closest buddies.

Some examples: 

  • Never have I ever been slapped
  • Never have I ever taken a piss in a public pool 
  • Never have I ever taken credit for somebody else’s work
  • Never have I ever gone through my partner’s phone

This or That:

A simple icebreaker to learn more about your new connections better is “This or That.” Your friend must choose a set of conventional alternatives when presented to them. As you might have already realized, this is a fun Snapchat story game because the responses to these suggestions might start new dialogues. 

The game is the same as the well-known would-you-rather, but in this case, you must select one word over another. As a result, it is about words, as opposed to the would-you-rather game, where you typically choose between two opposing things that have been expressed with complete sentences.

The coolest thing about this game is that you don’t have to play it as a game. You can use this to discover more about someone’s preferences, or you could use it as a straightforward game to maintain everyone’s interests at your subsequent gathering. 

Some examples: 

  • Paris vs. New York
  • Brownies vs. Pizza
  • Wide leg jeans vs. Skinny Jeans
  • Call vs. Text
  • Rock vs. Hip-Hop

Random Questions: 

Establishing deeper friendships requires stimulating dialogue. Finding the appropriate topics to discuss can be difficult if you don’t know much about someone. Play the game of random questions. Ask your friends anything under the sun, and you have to answer it! Some of these questions might be familiar but can provide a deeper understanding of your friend’s life and personality! 

Some examples: 

  • What would you want if a genie granted you three wishes? 
  • What is the most stunning place you have ever been to?
  • What toy did you play with the most when you were growing up? 
  • What talent do you want to possess? 
  • Which historical event would you erase from everyone’s mind if you had the power to do so?

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Crush Snapchat Story Games: 

Kiss, Murder, Marry:

With the help of this game, you can determine whether the person you’ve been yearning over for weeks, months, or even years has feelings for you or not! Ask your friends to send you three names for this game. Then, depending on your feelings for them, you can add their names to the kiss, murder, or marry categories. Although the game is fun, be prepared for some confrontation from the person you would rather murder.  

How Would You Describe Me To A Stranger?:

How distinct individuals perceive the same person in completely different ways is fascinating. What you would consider a good quality may be perceived negatively by others. You can play the “How Would You Describe Me to a Stranger?” game to learn more about how your friends perceive you. The goal is to learn more about how they see you, and who knows, the results might even shock you. This game can also help you understand how your crush perceives you. This can open up many conversations between you and help you know if you want to take things forward. 

Yes, No, Maybe?:

In the entertaining Snapchat Story game Yes, No, Maybe, players respond to the given questions with yes, no, or maybe. This game is easy to play since answering the questions doesn’t take much work, and also, this game might help you learn some shocking secrets about your crush. Starting the conversation can be tricky, and ensuring it goes well can be even more difficult. Trying to avoid offending your crush can feel like walking on eggshells, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with some questions you can use as a starting point.

Some examples: 

  • Are you a picky eater? Yes, No, Maybe
  • Have you ever been on a bad date? Yes, No, Maybe
  • Do you think I am funny? Yes, No, Maybe
  • Do you think I am attractive? Yes, No, Maybe
  • Is there a time when we could just hang out, just the two of us? Yes, No, Maybe

What’s That Song?:

How well-versed are you in music? Are you proficient with song titles and artist names, specifically? When you hear a few notes, can you immediately name a tune? Sending audio memos of you singing songs for the other person to guess might be a fun game if you and your boo get along well with being silly together. Regardless of your vocal skills, you can get as simple or complex as you like; be rest assured, there will be plenty of laughs.

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Funny/Random Snapchat Story Games:

What’s On My Phone?:

That’s where this game comes into play. You can use the “On my phone” Snapchat story game to pose inquiries from their preferred app to their most recent text message. This game’s principle is exceptionally straightforward. Everything is dependent on points. The more points you have, the higher your chances of winning. 

Some Examples: 

  • 10th picture on your phone
  • Most used application on your phone
  • Do you have a dating application on your phone?
  • What is your average screen time?
  • How many contacts on your phone have an emoji next to their name? 

Post It!

In Post It, a Snapchat story game, you can ask your friends to post pictures or videos of anything you’re interested in seeing. You can ask your friends to post some of the questions mentioned below or draw ideas from them to construct your own using Snapchat’s story creation tool. Your friend will probably ask you to respond to their version of these questions, so be ready for that.

Some Examples: 

  • Post a video of yourself learning a TikTok dance
  • Post a picture of what you’re doing right now
  • Post a picture of your best friends
  • Post a picture of your celebrity crush
  • Post a video of you singing a Peppa Pig song

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Things I Have Done:

Things I Have Done is the perfect and most convenient game to find out what your friends have done and to let them know about what you have done in your life. All you have to do is make a list of questions and post them on your story, your friends must reply to your story with all the things they have done from your list, and you can then do the same when they post their list of questions. For starters, you can use the list of things given below to post on your story.

Some examples: 

  • I started my own business
  • I moved away from my hometown
  • I have a pet cat/dog/bird
  • I am learning to play a new instrument (mention instrument)
  • I graduated from college

Gimme Two Names:

This game can be a bit controversial, but who doesn’t love a bit of controversy from time to time? Make a template of questions, use the questions below, and post it on your Snapchat story. Ask your friends to give you two names and check the boxes under the name of whom the question seems most relevant. This can be tricky, so we suggest you post this game on your personal Snapchat stories for your close friends. 

Some Examples: 

  • Who have you known longer?
  • Who is the better friend?
  • Who would you rather date?
  • Who is the better texter?
  • Who is funnier?


We have reached the end of our list of the top Snapchat story games. Playing the Snapchat Story Games listed above is one of the best pastimes. These games are enjoyable and available for free to play. Participating in these games keeps you occupied and encourages you to treasure the memories you create. It also seems an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family. We hope you found some games on the list you can play with friends.

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