4 Best Audio Enhancement Tools to Make Your Recordings Sound Professional

If you are tired of recording content in poor-quality audio then it is time to consider using the audio enhancement tools. 

These tools rescue anyone who listens to an audio recording and thinks, ‘Why does it sound like I have recorded it in a tunnel?’. These audio enhancers online give your audio hat final touch-up by cleaning it up so that no one turns away from your content due to poor audio quality.

Poor audio quality can significantly reduce the number of listeners that engage with your content. Therefore, the final editing by these online tools becomes necessary. 

Since AI audio enhancement tools are everywhere on the internet, the question arises as to which one to use.

4 Best Audio Enhancement Tools to Make Your Recordings Sound Professional

This review will save you so much time as you don’t have to spend time looking for the best one. I’m going to present to you the best 4 online audio enhancers. 

So, without wasting any time let’s get started. 

What Does an Audio Enhancer Do to Make Recordings Professional?

The purpose of an online AI audio enhancer is to make it sound professional and clean. Here is how it does it:

  • It cleans the audio by removing unnecessary background noise and enhances the quality of desired elements that can hook the listeners. 
  • An audio enhancer also plays a huge role in balancing the volume and levels. It offers a consistent audio experience that does not tire or confuse the listeners. As a result, you get to hear each and every word clearly. 
  • The online voice enhancers also balance the various frequencies and keep them at similar levels. This helps create an interesting listening experience for the audience 

Top 4 Audio Tools to Enhance the Quality 

  1. Audioenhancer.ai
audio enhancer

Audioenhancer.ai is an online tool that provides a one-click solution to clumsy and subpar audio quality. It removes the background noise from the audio files that too instantly with the help of AI technology. 

Artificial intelligence makes sure that the results you get can compete with any high-end audio editing software. It also works for almost every type of audio content. 

You can enhance a podcast, a simple mobile audio/video recording, a music track, or even video content of any format. audioenhancer.ai incorporates almost all types of audio formats. 

The voice enhancer online has a free and premium version. You get to use the free version without signing up on the website. It supports the enhancement of files that are under 500 MB and within the time frame of 5 minutes. 

The premium version, however, offers the following perks:

  • Upload the audio files in bulk
  • Supports up to 4GB data file
  • No Ads
  • Can enhance the 3 Hour Long Media
  • Provides 20GB Cloud Space


  • Basic: $10 per month
  • Pro: $45 per month
  • Studio: $90 per month
  1. Noiseremoval.net
noise remover

At noiseremoval.net, users can experience a customized enhancement of their audio files. This means you have a choice of selecting what type of enhancement your file requires.
Here is what it offers:

  • Remove the background noise 
  • Clean up speech 
  • Fixes the loudness and levels
  • Improves the overall quality 

The AI voice enhancers are also free of cost and without the need for login credentials. 

These notable features include the fast processing and delivery of excellent results. allowing users to tweak and edit it depending upon on the type of audio file it is.


  • The tool is totally free of charge without any premium packages. 
  1. Kapwing Audio Enhancer

Kapwingaudio enhancer provides one-click audio enhancement tools aimed at improving sound quality effortlessly. 

The background noise removal feature allows users to generate audio with clarity in speech and correct volume levels with ease. 

The platform allows for bulk upload of multiple audio files, making it convenient for users to enhance sound quality for various content types. For example, from meetings and interviews to podcasts and videos, this voice enhancer covers it all. 


There is a free version plus an extensive premium version that has 3 different paid plans with a long list of additional features. 

  • PRO: $16
  • BUSINESS: $50
  1. Audo.ai

Audo.ai is powered by the latest advancements in audio processing and artificial intelligence. 

You can automatically remove background noise, reduce and eliminate room echoes, and adjust volume levels for an enhanced listening experience. 

The tool is supported across various platforms including podcasts, YouTube, audio, and video content. 

The best features of Audo.ai include its fast, easy, and high-quality audio editing. Hence, making it an ideal choice for users seeking efficient audio enhancement solutions.


  • Starter: $0/mo
  • Creator: $12/mo
  • Pay As You Go: $20


This blog provides a complete review of four of the best online audio enhancers. 

Audioenhancer.ai, Noiseremoval.net, Kapwing audio enhancer, and Audo.ai are the top choices of users right now. 

These tools have an edge against premium high-end editing software due to easy accessibility and free-of-cost availability. 

Additionally, all of them are easy to use and do not require any tech expertise to master them. Just upload the audio and get the enhanced results in an instant.

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