Make Your Earphones Better with These Simple DIY Tips

Music is a big part of many people’s lives. Smartphones are now equipped with better DAC and signal processors to allow for the delivery of high quality audio. High-quality audio files are also more accessible thanks to the use of AAC and the improved quality offered by streaming services. More importantly, there are many earphones and headphones capable of producing high quality output, and they are becoming more affordable as well.

Simply picking up an expensive pair of earphones is not enough if you want to have the best music-listening experience. These next several DIY tips, however, will help you maximize your earphones and allow you to have a better experience listening to music.

Comfortable Earbuds

A lot of people don’t realize how much comfort plays a role in their music-listening experience. The earphones you wear – particularly how comfortable they are when worn – affect how enjoyable listening to music really is, especially if you often listen to music for an extended period of time.

Some earphones come with different sizes of tips to match different ear sizes. Newer earphones are designed to have wings and other features, all for the sake of improving comfort. That said, these features usually come with the more expensive earphones.

Fortunately, you can now pick up better earbuds for your earphones to increase comfort. Memory foam tips are the best, because they follow the natural shape of your ears. Foam earbud tips are also available for a wide range of earphones, so finding a suitable set for the earphones you use should not be difficult.

Audio File Quality

Next, you can maximize the quality of the music you listen to by sticking with high-quality audio formats. AAC is now replacing the older MP3 because the format allows for better audio quality sans the gigantic file size. For maximum quality, however, you need to opt for FLAC or other lossless formats; formats specifically designed for the audiophile.

Those who use streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music can tweak the quality of the music they listen to by changing the quality setting. Spotify, for example, allows you to save Extreme quality audio to your phone. It takes a while to download each song with the setting for offline listening turned to Extreme, but you get much better audio in return.

Play with Equalizers

Last, but certainly not least, use equalizers to tweak the output of your earphones and squeeze more quality out of them. Some earphone manufacturers have their own apps. Urban Ears has the UE app for Android and iOS. Jaybird, JBL, and Jabra all have custom apps for their earphones too.

You can also check if your phone supports custom equalizers. Brands such as LG and Samsung have this feature built into their phones. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps or the built-in equalizer of your music player to achieve the same result. Simply play around with different settings to get the audio output that matches your taste perfectly.

Maximizing your music-listening experience is all about improving comfort, using high-quality input, and fine-tuning the output of your earphones. Complete these three steps, and you will have an amazing experience listening to your favorite tunes on the go.

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