Angry Birds Costs US Economy $1.5 Billion Per Year in ‘Lost Productivity’

Love it or hate it, Angry Birds is a fiendishly addictive, unbearable cute time-sink that has captured the attention of millions of people all over the world.

According to recent data, Americans supposedly play a combined 200 million minutes of Angry Birds every day. A study decided to examine how much productivity (read — money) is lost every year due to Angry Birds. Here’s how the data breaks down.

With people playing 200 million minutes per day, that equals around 866 million hours per year. If only 5% of these hours are from people playing Angry Birds at work, that’s 43 million hours of work-time spent playing Angry Birds.

Since the average smartphone owner makes $35 an hour (Oh, really?), that means companies lose $1.5 billion dollars worth of�productivity�hours by their employees playing Angry Birds.

With that data, we’re left with this question — do people really spend 5% of their time at work playing Angry Birds?

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  1. I am a nurse. There is not time to play angry birds or check facebook. I am too busy making sure your family members are still alive.

  2. That is why I say, GO BUY A 3DS! Support Nintendo! Its a fortune cheaper than iPhone 4S, which is only 1 second faster in loading everything than an iPhone 4.

    Rovio wont be able to pay you back if you sue them!

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