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Survey Shows That iPhone Owners Get Laid More

As an iPhone owner myself, I can say that this is unequivocally untrue. If I were running OKCupid, I’d go back and check if iPhone users are also much more likely to pay for sex then other smartphone users. But regardless of my involuntary abstinance, OKCupid says it is so. They also say that the camera you use for your ...

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We Send 4.1 Billion Text Messages a Day

According to the twice yearly CTIA survey about text messages and mobile usage, America sends an average of 4.1 billion, yes BILLION, text messages a day. Our grand total for the half-year so far is 740 BILLION text messages. What are we? A bunch of 12-year-old girls? How many of these conversations do you think took place with users right ...

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People Lie When They Say They’ve LOL’d and Other Interesting Cellphone Stats

UK phone retailer Right Mobile Phone conducted an interesting survey among their customers and got some intriguing results. According to their survey: 71% say using their favorite song as their alarm clock, versus the system default or no alarm clock at all, made them feel happier that day 80% say not�receiving�a reply to their text messages makes them feel �negative�, ...

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Verizon Wireless: Do You Want The iPhone?

Customers who are leaving Verizon Wireless are being asked to conduct an exit survey so VZW can find out why they left. The standard questions apply but one of the answers is raising some eyebrows. Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with iClone. Yes, Verizon Wireless is gauging how badly the iPhone is hurting its subscriber ...

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To Microsoft, You’re Either Hispanic Or Not

Microsoft has exhibited the great American trait of racism with its latest consumer survey which claims that Hispanic people are “more concerned than the general population” with home entertainment products this holiday season. Clearly differentiating between Hispanics and the general population, Microsoft’s latest survey’s numbers claim that 89 percent of Hispanics versus 64 percent of the general population want a ...

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