We Send 4.1 Billion Text Messages a Day


According to the twice yearly CTIA survey about text messages and mobile usage, America sends an average of 4.1 billion, yes BILLION, text messages a day. Our grand total for the half-year so far is 740 BILLION text messages. What are we? A bunch of 12-year-old girls? How many of these conversations do you think took place with users right next to each other? Here are a few more stats that might rock yo’ boat:

• Some 1.1 trillion minutes were used in the first half of the year (or 6.9 million minutes per day)

• There’s 246 million mobile data capable devices out there. You know, phones, 3G cards for your laptop, etc.

• Carriers made $19.4 billion in gross revenue from data plans in the first half of the year. Again, that’s gross revenue, so you’d have to take into account how much it costs to keep everything working, salaries, etc.

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  1. And is anyone surprised? So much easier to text than call sometimes.

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