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Stuff You Might Not Know About Facebook

Facebook and the Zuck might not be the evil corporation that the media makes them out to be. But then again maybe they are. Not so worried about Facebook’s aim of global domination… I mean, connection? 70% of Facebook’s users are outside of the US. Oh, and if your Grandma isn’t on Facebook yet, just wait. Women aged 55 and ...

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We Send 4.1 Billion Text Messages a Day

According to the twice yearly CTIA survey about text messages and mobile usage, America sends an average of 4.1 billion, yes BILLION, text messages a day. Our grand total for the half-year so far is 740 BILLION text messages. What are we? A bunch of 12-year-old girls? How many of these conversations do you think took place with users right ...

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People Lie When They Say They’ve LOL’d and Other Interesting Cellphone Stats

UK phone retailer Right Mobile Phone conducted an interesting survey among their customers and got some intriguing results. According to their survey: 71% say using their favorite song as their alarm clock, versus the system default or no alarm clock at all, made them feel happier that day 80% say notreceivinga reply to their text messages makes them feel negative, ...

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