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Ten Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Employees for Maximum Productivity

Research, studies, and statistics show that unmotivated employees drag a company down whereas engaged employees show the zeal for work, work more extended hours, and are very productive. In the U.S for example, statistics indicate that only 33% of workers feel motivated. The studies further show how the costs of turning a blind eye to lagging employee productivity and unhealthy ...

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How to Improve Office Productivity While Working from Home

Work From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has set back businesses as they need to recalculate their entire system while trying to keep everything normal. A big part of this process is maintaining productivity, while the greater part of the office is working from home. Supervising and motivating employees in an office requires hard work, especially if everyone is in a different space. People ...

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Can Flowers Raise Office Productivity?

The office space has been known to get quite boring and mundane for many people who work there. If we think about it, the reasons why that’s so are obvious. It’s a place of work and duty, and the amount of downtime is generally cut short. Time-offs in the office consist of lunch breaks, bathroom breaks and stealing five minutes ...

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Status Calendar Asks The Golden Question: What Are You Doing Today?

Facebook. Twitter. What do they have in common? Not only are they two of the most popular and fastest growing social sites on the net, but they also ask people a very simple question. They both want to know what you are doing. What’s on your mind? That’s awesome if you live a digitally social life, but some people still ...

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Calendar Wallpaper: Because It’s Less Messy Than Painting

Daily planning and productivity is a daily struggle for the working man (or women, on those rare occasions). You can create as complex of a calendar as you want, even factoring in the movement of the planets if you see fit; but at the end of the day, you’re still going to want to rip the damn thing to shreds ...

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Spacestation Lifts And Seperates

If you’re not the DIY type, then the project we told you about a while ago which helps you declutter your desk isn’t going to do much good. And if you have a crap load of wires, then a small aid like the diminutive Wall Cleats won’t help much either. For a cable tangle of super-sized caliber, the Spacestation is ...

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Shower Curtain Calender Reminds You To Shower Tommorow

Personal hygiene is extremely important these days. The way you appear and smell is the making of a good or bad first impression. Though in order to make those first impressions, you have to know when you have meetings. Why not mix the two life tasks together? The Shower Curtain Calender reminds you of any upcoming events you have, so ...

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Conserving Space With The Spherical Mobile Office

Globus is just one big ball of productivity. Closed, it acts as a piece of spherical art, drawing curious onlookers to scope out the design. When opened, Globus reveals that it holds a pull-out office, complete with a laptop tray and spherical seat. We know that this is only a concept, but we have to say that the ergonomics of ...

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