Ten Ways to Effectively Motivate Your Employees for Maximum Productivity

Research, studies, and statistics show that unmotivated employees drag a company down whereas engaged employees show the zeal for work, work more extended hours, and are very productive. In the U.S for example, statistics indicate that only 33% of workers feel motivated.

The studies further show how the costs of turning a blind eye to lagging employee productivity and unhealthy company cultures are high. Disengaged employees tend to be mostly absent, and their turnover rate is overwhelming, situations which leads to losses and employer depression.

Fortunately for every company, you can improve your workers work ethics and productivity by engaging a few methodologies. Below, Mark Johnson from ByPurify is providing some of the few most effective ways to increase your profits and boost employee performance.

Fulfill Your Company Goals with These Efficient Tips on How to Improve Employee Engagement

You have probably been experiencing a few issues in your business. The profits chart shows no promise of getting better; your employees have become slothful and unproductive, and any measures taken have been futile.

So, you are wondering, how do you effectively turn a mediocre performer into a productivity powerhouse? How do you make your employees more productive?

Well, take a breath and kick out your worries. Here is everything you need to know how to improve and increase employee productivity at work:

#01.  Walk the Talk

Your actions should reflect the company’s policies and regulations. Your employees must see you and the management personnel demonstrating the characteristics and behaviors you request them to display. 

The companies whose leaders model the desired behavior tend to have 55% of their employees more engaged, 53% more focused and more likely to stay at the company.

#02. Authenticity is Key

Organizations comprise of people, and it is your employees that make it up and not products, machines or property. Going out of your way to creating genuine and authentic relationships between you, the supervisors, managers and your employees you inspire trust and promote comradery. As per a study by Blessings White, managers who show compassion tend to get high rating points on ‘management life skills.’

#03. Promote a Flexible, Healthy Work Environment

You need to give your employees the freedom to adjust their work schedules or location according to the shift that suits their timelines best. About 40% of employers distrust their employees to get projects done if they work from home or set their hours. However, according to statistics, personnel with flexible hours and locations are productive, happier and more engaged than the 8-to-5 cubicle jockeys.

You can also boost their morale in the office by providing a clean, neat work environment. Ionic air purifiers work well to add freshness and provide proper circulation allowing employees to give of their best on every project they undertake. Air purifiers also help with cleaning the air thus reducing dust allergies that can contribute to lower productivity.

Lastly, through investing in a powerful vacuum system you can take the next step in providing a healthy work environment. In this instance a good quality canister vacuum will prove a powerful ally.

#04. Hire According to Traits and Behaviour 

Recently a CEO of a thriving Nigerian company opted to stop hiring staff according to their educational level and accomplishments but rather their attitudes and character. The work experience and education level of an individual does not necessarily guarantee performance. Even the most skilled candidate will fail if he or she has a nasty attitude. So, emphasize more on hiring for and promoting the right behaviors and personality traits. Afterward, when you get the best behaved, you can offer them training in the skills you desire.

#05. Have Team Building and Company Games Regularly

When you organize in-house or online team-building events, it not only breaks up the dull task-oriented routine but also encourages creativity and collaboration. If your employees work remotely, companies like Escapely offer interactive games to help build positive virtual employee relationships. Implementing activities into meetings or get-togethers contributes to effective communication among co-workers.

#06. Engage in Community Development Projects Together

The more you give, the more you receive. Volunteering brings about a sense of fulfillment and positive vibes in your life. So, encourage your employees to involve themselves in the company’s charity events, and you will see a direct increase in their engagement and productivity. Working together to help others demonstrates that the company not only values money but also making a difference in the world.

#07. Encourage Transparency

When you are transparent with your employees about company policy changes, progress, among other issues, it has a direct 95% correlation with their happiness. Trusting them with sensitive information provides them with a sense of deeper investment in the company, and it assists you to create a more cooperative team atmosphere, as opposed to an “us versus them” perception of the management-employee relationship.

#08. Be Appreciative

Saying ‘thank you’ is courteous and straightforward but most of us tend to overlook it. Acknowledging your workers is the most straightforward way to build trust, restore the workplace strained relationships and energize them. According to research, personnel with supportive supervisors are more likely to stay with the company and are 70% more engaged.

#09. Offer Visibility

You should be accessible to your employees when they need assistance and also ensure that you publicly recognize them for their contributions and achievements. It not only motivates each of them to continue doing excellent work but also their peers.

#10. Engage New Employees from Day One

Giving new employees filing duties or making them sit through an energy-sucking PowerPoint presentation on their first day at work is a sure way to kill employee engagement. 

So, assist them to get to know their co-workers or pair them with a mentor. Doing so helps in acclimating them to the organization’s culture, and it enables them to fall in love with your company and their assigned duties. 

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