Can Flowers Raise Office Productivity?


The office space has been known to get quite boring and mundane for many people who work there. If we think about it, the reasons why that’s so are obvious. It’s a place of work and duty, and the amount of downtime is generally cut short. Time-offs in the office consist of lunch breaks, bathroom breaks and stealing five minutes here and there to sneak in short conversations with our co-workers. It’s easy to understand why the office might start looking like a black and white, boring place.

What can we do to fix that? A lot of things, really. But adding more colours to the palette might be a good start. Fresh Flowers offers convenient flower delivery in Adelaide and there are plenty of great reasons why you should take full advantage of that.

The monotony of office spaces has actually been known to affect the productivity of people working in the office. Flowers can actually help a lot in this regard. The sight of flowers has been found to put people at ease for centuries. This reduces anxiety in people, which in turn helps clear mental block and increase productivity exponentially. Flowers have also been known to affect some people in a highly positive manner – it keeps you calm and boosts your creativity.

There’s no gender specific affects of flowers either. Flowers make people happy no matter what gender, class or part of the society they belong to.

The effects flowers can have on one’s mood are made startlingly obvious. Better mood means better work, and that can only add to the quality of the workspace. Apart from this, however, good mood also nurtures greater empathy in people. Greater empathy prevents people from detaching themselves from the subjects they’re dealing with, thus making them more invested in them. This can only mean good things for the office and all the work it does.

One study conducted in Harvard revealed that participants felt distinctly happier and more enthusiastic when flowers were the first thing they saw in the morning. The ability of flowers to reduce anxiety and minimize chances of depression also has long-term effects on people. Flowers’ unique capacity to help people battle negativity makes for lots of happy and innovative workers who form an attachment with their office.

Not to mention, flowers usually add a sense of “homeliness” to any area. Yes, even an office. This helps increase the sense of attachment we mentioned before. This connection harboured by flowers in men and women ensures sincerity and determination towards their work in office-goers.

People with allergies don’t need to fear them either. Flowers are perfectly effective from a distance as well. An office that wants to take care of all its employees can just place the flowers at a respectable distance from the main area, so that it’s in sight of everyone but not so close that it can make them ill.

Flowers can be a great addition to an office. Not only do they make the office look warm and welcoming, they also have many other benefits as they help make the employees happier and more innovative. Anyone looking to make their office a more productive place should definitely think about sprucing it up with beautiful flora.

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