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Can Flowers Raise Office Productivity?

The office space has been known to get quite boring and mundane for many people who work there. If we think about it, the reasons why that’s so are obvious. It’s a place of work and duty, and the amount of downtime is generally cut short. Time-offs in the office consist of lunch breaks, bathroom breaks and stealing five minutes ...

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8-Bit Flowerpots

If Mario and Peach settled down one day and bought a castle in the countryside, I’d imagine this is what their garden would look like. Though I’m not sure how Mario would feel about a Piranha plant growing in his own backyard. I would imagine a little fire would take care of the job…

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Mobile Workstation For Gardeners On The Go

For gardeners on the go or gardeners who just have a huge work area, the Yardmate is the ideal mobile workstation. This workbench on wheels is sure to hold all garden goodies imaginable, then collapse beneath its shoddy frame. Gnomes, lilies, bonsai, whatever your fancy, I’m sure you could find a way to pack it into that lower shelf. With ...

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Duct Tape Roses Scream Class

Years ago, I met a girl at a party and offered to bring her back to my place for a drink. We had our way and soon developed a close relationship. The problem was, I had no money. Since being Internet famous is on the same level as a Philadelphia crack dealer, I was broke when Valentine’s Day came around. ...

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