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DIY: Vinyl Record Card Holder

We thought this was a pretty cool use for getting some of those used records out of the way. Do you have a lot of excess business cards you’ve collected along the way or do you need a cool way to display your own? This cool looking project is a unique way to display your contact info. And for those ...

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Memo Pen for on-the-run note writing in pill form

How do you feel when you need to take a note down, but realize that you left your notepad at home? A pen doesn’t do much without paper. The Memo Pen combines the two into an inseparable hybrid of productivity. The Memo Pen is a standard-sized pen with a 2-foot by 2″ rolled-up piece paper in its tubing which dispenses ...

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Study: 30 inch screens increase efficiency and productivity…obviously

Captain Obvious, reporting for duty sir! A new study released shows that having a larger computer screen can increase efficiency and productivity compared to smaller screens. Well, you don’t say? Could it have something to do with having A LOT more room?! Don’t answer that question. It’s meant to be rhetorical. Gains in productivity were not only seen in the ...

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