Anatomic Wetsuit: Nude As Legally Possible


There’s not many ways to be perversely snarky on a nude beach. With all of your naughty-bits hanging out, there’s not much you can tell someone that they’ll find risque. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, these Anatomic Wetsuits, by Diddo Velema, allow you to appear not only comfortable with your anatomy, but brash enough to show more than what’s skin deep.

Watch as women blush and giggle over your unveiled gluteus maximus muscle (that’s your ass). Your bloodied biceps prove your certainly take care of your body. Oh, and ladies, instant bikini body!



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  1. I am an anatomy teacher, and would love to get a hold of one of these suits for teaching muscle anatomy. Where can I find one?

    Jaren Jensen

  2. I’m a windsurfing instructor, and i’d love to get hold of one of these too, although i’m not sure how well it’d work on a professional aspect!



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