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Sand Castle Stool: Or How To Build A Life-Sized Sand Castle

Based on the design of a sand castle-building sand bucket, the Sand Castle Stool is a lightweight seating alternative, perfect for both pretending you are a very tiny person lounging on the beach and/or building a really, really large sand castle. Measuring 290 x 400 mm, this stool, if necessary, could produce some major sand bricks. The designers are currently ...

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Anatomic Wetsuit: Nude As Legally Possible

There’s not many ways to be perversely snarky on a nude beach. With all of your naughty-bits hanging out, there’s not much you can tell someone that they’ll find risque. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, these Anatomic Wetsuits, by Diddo Velema, allow you to appear not only comfortable with your anatomy, but brash enough to show ...

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