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Anatomic Wetsuit: Nude As Legally Possible

There’s not many ways to be perversely snarky on a nude beach. With all of your naughty-bits hanging out, there’s not much you can tell someone that they’ll find risque. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, these Anatomic Wetsuits, by Diddo Velema, allow you to appear not only comfortable with your anatomy, but brash enough to show ...

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The SoulArc Skateboard Is A Board Within A Board

In an effort to exhibit the sense of surfing in skateboarding, Mitch Mulder came up with this design during a class project at Kendall College of Art and Design. After realizing he made a worthwhile draft he partnered up with Salvaore Vilardi to attempt to market the board.� It looks way more fun to mess around with than that 360. ...

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Kelly Digital

I don’t know if he listens to RZA but at least graphic designer Alberto Seveso knows his shit. Apparently he’s so good at using ‘teh l33t ph0t0sh0p sk1llz’ that he was able to essentially transform surfer Kelly Slater into a damn wave. Yeah. Alberto cut him up good and did a hell of a shading job. Some of the best ...

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The ‘360’ With No Games, Just Style

Combining surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, designer Francesco Sommacal has come up with the mother of extreme sports. Winner of the 2007 Volvo Sportdesign Concept Award, the “360” is the all-in-one sports activity. Not to be confused with the Xbox 360, the 360’s ‘board’ has the users feet rest on a platform/slot in the center of the wheel as opposed to ...

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