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Nude Gaming: My Friday Night in a Nutshell

So, you’ve been wondering how the editor of a geeky web publication spends his weekends? This about sums it up. Except replace the Forza gear and LCD TV with a computer screen and World of Warcraft. Last post of Friday complete? Clothes come off, Azeroth loads up. Life is good. Psh, yeah right. Like I’m really going to wait until ...

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So, What Does Mario Look Like Naked?

I’m sure it’s a question that’s been on your mind for at least a decade. What does the most popular plumber in the world look like naked? Sort of like your dad, shaved of all his hair, mixed with a newborn baby. Yeah… creepy as hell. Link [via]

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Anatomic Wetsuit: Nude As Legally Possible

There’s not many ways to be perversely snarky on a nude beach. With all of your naughty-bits hanging out, there’s not much you can tell someone that they’ll find risque. If you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, these Anatomic Wetsuits, by Diddo Velema, allow you to appear not only comfortable with your anatomy, but brash enough to show ...

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