Almost feels like teleporting… almost

freparnetworks pod

Japanese company Frepar has announced the commercialization of their almost-teleporting communicate-Pod. What this thing does is that it allows the real-time teleporting of full 3D image of objects between both parties, so essentially it “looks” like teleporting. When you want to show your friend your new hamster, simply place it on the Sci-fi looking device, let it walk around in the capsule scanner and your friend at the other side would be delighted to see the 3D image of your hamster walking around in their receiver. You don’t have to worry about ionizing your beloveds and reconstructing them at the other side, that’s the beauty of safe simulation.

The Pod can be put horizontally or side ways, it can also do the image spin-around trick, just for the effect. The company predicts that the communicate-Pod would be mainly used for marketing purposes, in fact Microsoft Japan is already using them for their 2007 Office System campaign in, they’ll be showing 3D images of concept prototypes as well as a model introducing the new features of the Office System. For the rest of us, the Pod will be on sale in the fourth quarter this year for $250. — Sam Chan

Pod [Freparnetworks]

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