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6 of the Hottest Company Ads Ever

hottest brand advertising

Sex sells. It’s a fact of advertising that not everyone is comfortable with, but it’s true. Take a look at 6 companies that are using that to their advantage with these smoking hot company ads. 1. Dolce and Gabbana 2. Calvin Klein 3. Teleflora 4. Armani 5. Carl’s Jr 6. H&M

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Fast Food Fallacies: Fast Food Menu Items Compared to Their Ads

The resemblance between what you see and what you get at fast food restaurants has been a hot debate in the massively obese business community for decades. But the differences between what we see in the ads and what we actually wind up eating just seems to get further and further apart with each passing year. The blog Alphalia picked ...

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Innocent iPad Executed by a Shotgun in the Name of Monetary Gain

At least it didn’t feel any pain. FreeTaxUSA used the death of an innocent iPad to advertise their services. While death has been used for self-promotion before (hell, look at most political ads), never have I seen such a blatant use of gore and bloodshed used so lightly. FreeTax shot an unsuspecting iPad with a shotgun slug for their own ...

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Inside Out One! *punch*: The Inside Out Volkswagen

My brother and I love playing that Volkswagen punching game when we’re cruising down the road. Well, more like my brother punches me and I grimace. I’m truly terrible at it. So it’s more like a one-sided slugfest then a true game. Black one! Red one! Inside out one! Wait… huh?! AlmapBBDO’s newest advertisement for the Volkswagen Fox turns the ...

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WTF? LOL! Get Your OMFG Here!

Are you proud of yourinternet vernacular? Whoever is responsible for this “advertisement,” you have me SMH. While it might be totally SFW, FWIW, this seems like a mighty waste of time. Take thatEnglish language! Link [via]

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McDonald’s Now Offering Free Wi-Fri

Free Wi-Fi is great and all, but it’s sort of expected these days, especially from big chains. I want to know what else they can offer me. Did you know that McDonald’s isn’t only offering free Wi-Fi, but they’re also going to provide the new and exclusive Wi-Fri service. More fries in more places! This genius ad spot is sure ...

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Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses

These awesome Periodic Table of Elements Taxis and Buses serve as mobile advertisements for the Oxford Science Park in the U.K. I wonder if one of these bad boys will go up for sale after they’re done with the marketing scheme. A ride like this would go perfect with a set of Periodic Picnic Tables.

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An iPhone Hater’s Cry for Help

Apparently an Apple a day doesn’t keep the psychiatrist away. Fight the power! Damn tech corporations trying to brainwash us with their awesome Wolfenstein and Metal Gear Solid games. Link

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Nintendo To Launch Wii Video Service In 09

Dentsu Inc, Japans largest advertising agency, is aiding Nintendo in launching a video distribution service on Nintendos home console, the Wii. The two companies plan to offer programs exclusive to the service, allowing old people and little kids to get down with some cartoons and other entertainment content. However, nothing in this world is free (except Wii Sports) and viewers ...

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