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How Technology is Molding the Modern Office


The last few years have seen business technology developing faster than ever, and nowhere more so than in the office, where a variety of different technologies have come together to revolutionize the way work is carried out. Now, a new wave of technologies is emerging that is seeing some businesses do away with the office altogether – at least physically. ...

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Super Mario Filing Cabinets

If you were shoved into the professional world kicking and shoving, it’s our opinion that you should at least be able to decorate your office how you see fit. These filing cabinets, inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, fit right into our personal style. The geek nation might be more apt to stick to business conventions if we just had ...

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In Case of Fire: DO NOT USE TWITTER!

Thank God for this sign because lord knows that if a fire were to break out, twittering about it would naturally be my first reaction. I know my priorities. Well… no matter. My shoes will do the tweeting for me. Link

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Cardboard Spill Prank Aims A Dart of Panic At the Office Neatnik

Every office has one. The co-worker that freaks out at the slightest piece of misplacedparaphernalia. Nobody likes a neatnik except other neatniks. This Cardboard Spill Prank, which you can download and print for free right from the old Internetz, is a cheap, effective, hilarious way to make your office’s token neatnik freak out. Sometimes a good gag is all someone ...

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Lightsaber Desk Lamp

Now, if this were a REAL lightsaber, not only would it be a great desk lamp, but it could also make an excellent paper shredder / boss disposal tool. As you know, lightsabers make everything cooler.

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The Swiss Army Knife of Staplers

Perhaps one of the ugliest gadgets we’ve ever seen, at one time this was probably very useful. But now it has fallen into the bowels of obsolescence. With paper on its way out and desktop calculators way beyond their prime years, this tool might still be of some use to third world countries, but in the Western world, this would ...

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Cube Office Desk with Strategically Placed Storage

What is it about cubes that activates our innate geeky attraction? Does it have something to do with our natural attraction to Geometry and segmented squares? I don’t know, I was never great at math. But what I do know is that anything involving cubes usually catches my eye. This Matthius Pugin’s Cube Office Desk is particularly awesome because it’s ...

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Stationary Holder Launches Attack Against You

I knew I shouldn’t have bought a militarized set of stationary holders. Thank God I didn’t get the uranium processing plant tape dispenser! These Stationary Troops stationary holders are apt to launch an attack against you. Just don’t look at them the wrong way. In fact, just don’t look at them at all. Link [via]

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Giant Paper Clip For Your Really, Really Important Papers

With a paper clip this massive, I doubt you’ll be misplacing your important papers. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to misplace something this massive. It would be sort of like losing an elephant in a abandoned airplane hanger. It just doesn’t happen. This 12-inch tall Giant Paper Clip is versatile. You can use it as a weapon, a ...

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