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Habitat: World of Warcraft Pod

Any avid WoW players living near Boston/Cambridge should swing by MIT and check out the World of Warcraft Pod. It’s a small shack, designed similarly to one you’d find in a game and designed with serious MMORPGers in mind. Inside is a toilet, seat, computer, water and food. But that’s not all: The WOW Pod is an immersive architectural solution ...

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Cerva MC08: Amphibious Pod Vehicle or Alien Movie Prop?

If an alien and the Embrio Unicycle were to find a way to have a freaky love child, the offspring might resemble the Cerva MC08. Sporting what appears to be an evil grin (no doubt thrilled to have just slaughtered countless humans,) the MC08 is an oval-shaped conceptual transport vehicle which offers modular design to integrate various means of getting ...

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Ecopod Recycling System compacts your reusables for more recycling space

People who have a limited amount of space in their apartments or houses have a tough time finding the space to house a productive recycling system. All of those beer cans and cardboard boxes your porn comes shipped in add up fast. Creating even less room in an already cramped living space. The Ecopod Recycling System aims to offer a ...

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The Sun Pod for cooking yourself

Sun bathers who love to fry their own bodies have it pretty tough. When they go to the beach to toast themselves to a charred brownness, they have to deal with the screaming of children and getting kicked in the face with sand by other beach goers. The Sun Pod creates the sun bather’s own little space to seperate from ...

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Almost feels like teleporting… almost

Japanese company Frepar has announced the commercialization of their almost-teleporting communicate-Pod. What this thing does is that it allows the real-time teleporting of full 3D image of objects between both parties, so essentially it “looks” like teleporting. When you want to show your friend your new hamster, simply place it on the Sci-fi looking device, let it walk around in ...

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