Habitat: World of Warcraft Pod


Any avid WoW players living near Boston/Cambridge should swing by MIT and check out the World of Warcraft Pod. It’s a small shack, designed similarly to one you’d find in a game and designed with serious MMORPGers in mind. Inside is a toilet, seat, computer, water and food. But that’s not all:

The WOW Pod is an immersive architectural solution for the advanced WOW (World of Warcraft) player that provides and anticipates all life needs. Inside, the gamer finds him/herself comfortable seated in front of the computer screen with easy-to-reach water, pre-packaged food, and a toilet conveniently placed underneath his/her custom-built throne. When hungry, the gamer selects a food item (�Crunchy Spider Surprise�, �Beer Basted Ribs�, etc.) and a seasoning pack. By scanning in the food items, the video game physically adjusts a hot plate to cook the item for the correct amount of time. The virtual character then jubilantly announces the status of the meal to both the gamer and the other individuals playing online: �Vorcon�s meal is about to be done!� �Better eat the ribs while they�re hot!� etc.

This is MIT, after all. Would you expect anything less than decadent?


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