A Shower That Would Interest Michael Bay

It may seem like we’re acid heads with our tribute to Albert Hofmann but the truth of the matter is: we don’t love LSD, we merely enjoy taking it. It’s not the woman of your dreams you yearn so longingly for, but rather a short fling after karaoke night at Chauncy’s Pub. Yea, that’s exactly how LSD is. That’s also how this bathroom design makes you feel while trying to wash off your hang over the following morning.

Why Only White TOTEM is the chameleon like shower decor that’ll transform your boring vanilla bathroom into a design of ever changing colors and patterns. Depending on your mood, the design could reflect your sullen demeanor with a dark blue tone that’ll have you slitting your wrists while listening to the latest Bullet For My Valentine album. The TOTEM comes in 6 different formats with a variety of features such as water nozzles or waterfall streams. Whether your all about the flower power or you’re just plain gay, the Why Only White TOTEM is a safe alternative to the Psycho shower curtain, that’ll have you looking trendy without making you a murder suspect.

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