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Ultrashelf Commands You To Organize

What’s that? Did you say your sister-in-law is a decorator? Oh, that’s cute. Good to know, but see, I won’t be needing your services. No, no, my good pal Eva came by and I handed her $1100 and said “Organize my space!” Well after a trip to IKEA and several hours, she was done. The result is a living room ...

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Interior Decorating With LEGO Furniture

LEGO furnishings for your house can’t possibly be comfortable. Unless you’re a LEGO nutcase like that guy who makes LEGO gummies, there’s no way you could argue that the couch shown above is either visually or aesthetically pleasing. Yet, people all over the world decorate their homes with LEGO furnishings of all varieties. The French company Luna Blocks specializes in ...

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Disembodied Hand Prevents Wrist Fatigue

Even on Halloween, when you’re all hopped up on candy, using a mouse can be tiring. For the people who don’t use a vocally controlled mouse, you’re going to need a place to rest your hand. Good thing ThinkGeek is selling this foam wrist-rest that’s shaped like a disembodied hand. It’s perfect for October. $9.99 isn’t a bad price for ...

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DIY: A Water Bottle Chandelier

When you’re in the market for a new chandelier to decorate your home, style is everything. Sometimes style is outweighed by design, which is the case with this water bottle chandelier designed by Michelle Brand. We’ve seen chandeliers made of all sorts of recycled junk. Ballpoint pens, CD cases and even milk crates can be used to make impressive-looking household ...

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A Shower That Would Interest Michael Bay

It may seem like we’re acid heads with our tribute to Albert Hofmann but the truth of the matter is: we don’t love LSD, we merely enjoy taking it. It’s not the woman of your dreams you yearn so longingly for, but rather a short fling after karaoke night at Chauncy’s Pub. Yea, that’s exactly how LSD is. That’s also ...

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Put Some D’Oh Into Your Monitor

OK, so they aren’t X-mas lights, but they certainly are fixing to be. Simpson fanatics who already have every Simpsons paraphernalia from wall clocks to pinball machines and even an eye-popping limited edition iPod design, will be happy to know that they can now decorate their computer monitor with Homer. This mini-bulb strand consists of nine little Homers, all powered ...

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