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Zip-It, Zip-It Good: Zipper Necklaces

You know how sometimes your girlfriend will just blather on and on about completely nothing when all you really want is for her to shut her dirty pie hole? You could tell her to zip-it and likely get a bitch-slap in response, or you can be slightly more subtle and offer her this trendy Zip-It Zipper Necklace in exchange for ...

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A Shower That Would Interest Michael Bay

It may seem like we’re acid heads with our tribute to Albert Hofmann but the truth of the matter is: we don’t love LSD, we merely enjoy taking it. It’s not the woman of your dreams you yearn so longingly for, but rather a short fling after karaoke night at Chauncy’s Pub. Yea, that’s exactly how LSD is. That’s also ...

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