Zip-It, Zip-It Good: Zipper Necklaces


You know how sometimes your girlfriend will just blather on and on about completely nothing when all you really want is for her to shut her dirty pie hole? You could tell her to zip-it and likely get a bitch-slap in response, or you can be slightly more subtle and offer her this trendy Zip-It Zipper Necklace in exchange for her silence.

Inspired by people who just can’t shut their mouths, the Zip-It Necklace is the generous way of telling someone to shut the fuck up. The necklaces are made from 100% authentic zippers so only the finest zippering action should be expected. You can choose from antique gold and antique silver (both 12″ long) or polished silver (13.5″ long). The going rate is $50. Surely less expensive than that diamond pendant she’s been running her mouth about.

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