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3 Spectacular Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

bathroom remodeling

Are you the type of person who enjoys long, lounging periods in the shower, soaking up the water, the suds and the gentle hum of the extractor fan? You might even be a fan of the “sit-down shower”, in which you neatly squat in the middle of the water stream, probably with your eyes closed as you enjoy your blissful ...

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Fogless Mirror Lets You Shower Before You Shave

It’s the bane of all non-mountain men/lumberjacks/Rutherford B. Hayes impersonators. Taking a hot shower before you’re due for a shave can be hazardous to your sex appeal. The poor visibility of a steamy mirror can result in patches of scruff left behind. Do you really want to look like that one school librarian who always had one inch long hair ...

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His and Hers Chromosome Bath Towels

Significant others are very often met in the workplace. It’s true. Second only to school, you’d have to believe that work is the top breeding ground. If you’re a biologist, and you meet that special someone in the laboratory, before you can do a little cell splicing of your own, it’s only proper to live together for a while and ...

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Geek Leak Brings The Toilet To Your Computer

Aside from pissing your pants, there just isn’t many alternatives then just biting the bullet and stepping away from the computer for a few minutes. Until now that is. Geek Leak is a 1-liter sized container made for taking a pee break without having to leave your computer. Not that going in the bathroom is even that practical anyway, especially ...

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Game Boy Soap Allows You To Play Shower Hero

What’s a man gotta do to get in a game of Shower Hero around here? Do I literally have to buy myself Game Boy-shaped soap? Ok, now I’m just making up excuses. Etsy store Two Eggplants offers this surprisingly realistic Game Boy Soap, which offers a Tetris screen and a smooth Dulce de Leche scent. If you’re down for smelling ...

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Fanny Floss: Probably Not the Smartest Idea

The goal of Fanny Floss is to thoroughly clean your undercarriage, as well as you’re buttocks. But the way I see it, all you’re really doing here is thoroughly spreading shit towards your taint and balls. Am I missing something here? Is this really a genius idea and I’m just missing the point? Don’t get me wrong, I can see ...

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The Creepiest Shower Curtain Ever

We’ve dealt with shower curtains featuring knife-wielding maniacs and an awkwardly staring Robert Pattinson, so for us to label a particular shower curtain as the creepiest one of its kind, that’s quite a feat. This curtain in particular features the silhouette of a mysterious shadow man, creating the illusion that someone awaits your arrival in the shower. Grab your own ...

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Fish Tank Toilet

I did a little research and as it turns out, goldfish do have a sense of smell. That’s how blind fish can find food rather easily. I feel terrible for these fish. Especially if they’re owner happens to be a frequenter of Taco Bell. The Fish Tank Toilet is cool and�convenient�for several reasons. First off, it’s just really chill to ...

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Bloody Shower Mat: The Easy Way to Shatter Any Chance of a Good First Impression

We’ve already posted about several shower curtains which would fit in with a horror theme, some more subtle then others (we’re looking at you Robert Pattinson curtain!), and we were thinking, there’s gotta be more�accessories�we can add to our bathroom to really make it a bloody, terrifying mess. And wouldn’t you know it? We were right. The Bloody Shower Mat ...

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