Bloody Shower Mat: The Easy Way to Shatter Any Chance of a Good First Impression

We’ve already posted about several shower curtains which would fit in with a horror theme, some more subtle then others (we’re looking at you Robert Pattinson curtain!), and we were thinking, there’s gotta be more�accessories�we can add to our bathroom to really make it a bloody, terrifying mess. And wouldn’t you know it? We were right.

The Bloody Shower Mat is not the only surefire way to ruin a first date or any real walkthrough of your home, but it sure doesn’t hurt your chances at failure. Did your blind date show up with a peg leg and none of her original teeth intact? Send a quick text to your roommate to whip out the bloody house warming materials. Make them think it’s their decision to avoid you. And if it doesn’t make your date start eyeing the door with increased attention, then you’ve either got a real winner or a real friggen nut bag.

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