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Roadkill Rug

Just thinking about this rug makes me hungry. The Roadkill Rug demonstrates the “struggle between attraction and repulsion,” encouraging owners to cuddle up with the image of a mangled fox, or as I like to call it, the foretelling of a barbecue. There’s just no competing with my grilled fox entrails. Cooked in the traditional fashion, via exhaust fumes, of ...

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Bloody Shower Mat: The Easy Way to Shatter Any Chance of a Good First Impression

We’ve already posted about several shower curtains which would fit in with a horror theme, some more subtle then others (we’re looking at you Robert Pattinson curtain!), and we were thinking, there’s gotta be moreaccessorieswe can add to our bathroom to really make it a bloody, terrifying mess. And wouldn’t you know it? We were right. The Bloody Shower Mat ...

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Tea, Crumpets and Blood

This reminds me of the calm serial killer, who after viciously murdering a family, sits down for a refreshing cup of tea. The Blood-Splattered Coffee Set is very Bates Motel-ish. While it seems like a must for those of you into the seedier side of horror, the price tag is steep. You’ll have to shell out $500 for this 15-piece ...

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SawStop Creator Shoves Finger Into Blade

While I love power tools of all shapes and sizes, I don’t own many due to the lack of a workspace in my home. However, I did take enough shop classes in high school to know what a sharp metal blade can do to your finger. That’s why inventor Steve Gass created the SawStop, a mechanism that senses electrical conductivity ...

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Psycho Shower Curtain Is A Bloody Mess

Trying to fashion your bathroom in a serial killer theme? You’ll need this electronic bloody shower curtain inspired by the famous scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Guests are sure to be startled by the motion-activated Psycho music clip, complete with a screaming woman that’ll make anyone cringe. It’ll go great with those homicidal clothes hangers and no one will ever ...

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