3 Spectacular Ideas to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

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Are you the type of person who enjoys long, lounging periods in the shower, soaking up the water, the suds and the gentle hum of the extractor fan? You might even be a fan of the “sit-down shower”, in which you neatly squat in the middle of the water stream, probably with your eyes closed as you enjoy your blissful alone time.

But if your bathroom is as interesting as paint drying, or someone else’s holiday photos, or Neil Kinnock, then it might be time to turn that dullard’s cleaning area into a cool den where your sit-down showers can be fully enjoyed.

With that in mind, what can you do to make your bathroom irresistibly lounge-able?

Ready for the floor

So, you’ve bounded into your bathroom, and what are you greeted by? Floors colder than a block of ice and about as appealing as a Paddy McGuinness comedy special.

But that doesn’t mean you should tear up your lino and replace it with cosy carpeting. Carpets in your bathroom are more likely to lead to mouldy floorboards and a quick bathroom makeover.

Instead, keep your lino (or consider upgrading to marble) and dot a few high-quality bath mats to provide you with warmth in the places you need it most. That way, you can simply shove a mat in the washing machine when bothersome mould or mildew is building up.

A king’s commode

If you’re not a fan of the sit-down shower, you might be the type who enjoys a good toilet sit-in. You bring your books, crossword puzzles, Rubik’s Cube or mobile phone, sit on your throne and make an hour of it!

If that sounds like your idea of heaven, then you need a toilet to match. For the ridiculously wealthy, you could pick up a solid gold toilet from Hang Fung Technology. Although you might want to look at the price tag first – it’ll set you back over $29 million!

For the more modest price tag, you need simply to find a natty design for your toilet seat, giving it a hefty dose of personality.

The sound of music

We all love a good sing-song in the shower, but what if you could be serenaded by your showerhead instead? It’s exactly what Kohler is offering with its latest gadget, a single-function showerhead with a water-resistant speaker.

Armed with Bluetooth functionality, you simply have to turn on your iPod to enjoy crystal clear sound in your shower. The showerhead even has a USB connector and comes in a selection of five different colours, giving you whatever cool design you want.

So, you can sing along to your favourite songs without having to make up the words you can’t remember.

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