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7 Awesome Cupcake Designs

Cookie Monster Cupcake

Cupcakes have been the "in thing" for quite a while now and yet we still can't get enough of these delicious sweet treats...especially when they look like these 7 awesome cupcake designs!

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5 Cakes For Gamers to Worship

Pokemon Cake

Is there anything more amazing than a cake that perfectly exemplifies your favorite video game? We don't think so! Take a look at these 5 cakes for gamers to worship!

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Automatic Cake Decorator Lets Grandma Take a Load Off

It’s not that I’m against over-working geriatrics, but I’m very pro-properly decorated baked goods. And a tired grandma is an unmotivated grandma. Which is where the Automatic Cake Decorator comes into play. Grandma has spent about 45 minutes on her feet, icing and assembling the cake that I demanded for my birthday with the threat of a hellish tantrum if ...

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Suckling Pig Cake is Pork-Free

Michelle�s Wibowo’s painstakingly detailed Suckling Pig cake was made for the Experimental Food Society Spectacular in London. Complete with vegetable garnish, an apple it its mouth and a intricate rotisserie browned skin. Wibowo’s roots are in architecture, but decided to pursue a career in cake design and sugar craft because, well, as you can see, that’s where her true genius ...

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3D Dinosaur Pancakes: I Dare You To Do Something Cooler

I don’t know Jim. Jim might not be multi-talented, he might be the next da Vinci of the modern world. Like I said, I don’t know the guy. But Jim is an artiste (the extra ‘e’ adds class). A master of the pancake world. Straight up, this man is the Michelangelo of griddled breakfast batter. After a trip to the ...

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The Only Cake Shop with an Age Limit

“Eat Your Heart Out & The PRETOX Potion” is the world’s only cake shop with an age disclaimer. It’s pretty much the R-rated bakery. Each cake is mixed in with something called an ALIBI ‘potion.’ This ‘potion’ of herbal supplements is a �pretox�, preparing your body to absorb toxins and even prevent a hangover. But that’s not all that makes ...

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Star Wars Wampa Cake

Complete with a severed arm and cherry preserve “blood and guts” filling, the Wampa Birthday Cake celebrates my favorite amputated snow monster on the entire planet of Hoth. Buttercream frosting and the DIYer’s mom’s patented sour cream pound cake recipe make this Wampa considerably more tasty than the real thing, but not nearly as fun to cuddle with. Alicia Policia ...

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