Automatic Cake Decorator Lets Grandma Take a Load Off

It’s not that I’m against over-working geriatrics, but I’m very pro-properly decorated baked goods. And a tired grandma is an unmotivated grandma. Which is where the Automatic Cake Decorator comes into play. Grandma has spent about 45 minutes on her feet, icing and assembling the cake that I demanded for my birthday with the threat of a hellish tantrum if she didn’t please me with her sub-par decorating abilities. Frankly, at her age, 45 minutes is about 42 minutes too long.

Mischer’Traxler’s Automatic Cake Decorator is part of a series of designs titled “Til You Stop.” The device uses a rotating platform, an icing gun, a motor-run arm and a silver dragées spout to repeat the same fluid motion over and over again, resulting in a beautifully petal decorated cake.

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