Our Ten Favorite Cake Wrecks

If you haven’t yet visited the Cake Wrecks site then you need to because it’s hilarious. It seems like cake decorating is a lot like artistry in general when it comes to people being unable to recognize their lack of talent. Anyhow, here are our ten favorite cake wrecks.

#1. The Mother’s Day Cake

…because who doesn’t love all mothers everywhere?

#2. The Baby Meatloaf Cake

Baby Meatloaf Cake

Come on! This isn’t even a cake! Plus it’s utterly terrifying.

#3. The Inappropriate Pear Tree Cake

Pear Cake Wreck

…because at some point someone HAD to realize that this was a terrible idea.

#4. The Satan Cookie Cake

Satan Cookie Cake Wreck

Everyone loves a Satan painted cookie cake…wait, you mean they don’t?

#5. The Chocolate Drizzle Gone Wrong Cake

Chocolate Icing Cake Wreck

We love chocolate drizzle as much as the next guy but this just…no, just no.

#6. The Accidental Typo Cake

Caka Cake Wreck

…because we’re pretty sure no one wants a piece of caka no matter what the occasion.

#7. The Poo Topped Cake

Poo Cake Wreck

We’re really not sure why but this one happens a lot…are people just asking for piles of poo on their cakes?

#8. The Lost in Translation Cake

Funny Birthday Cake

Just because the name “uncle picture of a mouse” makes us laugh EVERY time.

#9. The Chocolate Spider Cake

Chocolate Spider Cake

Haven’t you always wanted a “spider leg” of cake?

#10 The Inappropriate But Hilarious Congratulations Cake

Inappropriate Birthday Cake

…poor coach Tom…

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