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Bill Gates: Professional Asshole

So the TED conferences and talks are in full effect. Imagine you were there. What’s the shittiest thing you could do to an audience listening patiently to every word you have to say? OK, so whatever you thought of, you’ll need to double it because Bill Gates pissed everyone off the other day. How so? By releasing a jar of ...

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Bill and Melinda Gates Ban iPods, iPhones In The Home

Oh quit crying, you two. You have enough money to wipe your asses with $100 bills for the rest of your natural born life. In a recent interview with Vogue, Melinda Gates stated that she keeps iPhones and iPods out of the hands of her children. The direct quote sez: “…there are very few things that are on the banned ...

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Jobs and Gates share the stage, with no bloodshed

Surprisingly, the two CEOs seemed to really like each other. Both Jobs and Gates seemed full of nothing but good words for each other’s companies. For the duration of the conversation, both Steve and Bill exchanged sly smiles and slightly flirtatious glances. Is that love I smell in the air? All kidding aside, a big chunk of the conversation centered ...

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Who’s paying Microsoft’s legal bills? You are!

According to a calculation done by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) a $21.50 “patent tax” is added in to every sale of Microsoft’s software products. This is the first time I’ve been informed that I was paying for Microsoft’s law bills before I switched over to OS X and Linux. Now that I know this information, I’m glad I ...

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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Set To Retire

Steve Ballmer

Today, Microsoft made the announcement that within the next year, Steve Ballmer (who has been with Microsoft since 1980, and has been CEO since 2000,) will retire. Ballmer is staying on board for the next twelve months so that a team of Microsoft representatives (including Bill Gates) can find an appropriate replacement for the position of CEO.

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5 Futuristic Home Additions You Can Buy Today

home automation options

While flying cars are still a little bit out of reach for us in 2019, plenty of technology is now available for homeowners. From controlling your home with your voice to zipping up to the second floor in a tube, the future is here. Home Voice Control One of the most significant innovations in home automation in the last few ...

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