5 Futuristic Home Additions You Can Buy Today

While flying cars are still a little bit out of reach for us in 2019, plenty of technology is now available for homeowners. From controlling your home with your voice to zipping up to the second floor in a tube, the future is here.

Home Voice Control

One of the most significant innovations in home automation in the last few years is voice control for the masses. High-profile techies like Bill Gates have had a voice-controlled home for years, but it wasn’t until the last few years that this tech has become available for anyone. Amazon and Google have pioneered the world of voice-controlled smart devices. The Echo and Google Home range of products are compatible with a wide variety of smart devices to allow home automation. Thermostats, doorbells, locks, and even smart outlets can all be connected to the network for voice control.

Pneumatic Lifts

Everyone in the Jetsons zips up an elevator in a tube that’s amazingly fast and silent. That could be your reality with a pneumatic lift or any slim line residential elevators. These elevators are designed to fit in small spaces and blend in or become a conversation piece, depending on the homeowner’s choice. Pneumatic lifts tend to be a little bit more expensive than traditional elevators, but they have several benefits. The vacuum suction motor requires less space than a conventional elevator hoist. They are also quieter and quicker and require less maintenance overall.

Upgraded Refrigerator

Who needs Rosie to tell you when the carrots have gone bad when your fridge can do it for you? Several appliance manufacturers like Samsung and LG have smart refrigerators that can do just that. LG even has a smart refrigerator that can send cooking instructions directly to an LG smart oven. Kitchen appliances are now communicating with one another to help us prepare our food. Cooking is a traditionally time-consuming task, but smart home technology is now helping us automate the process. 3D food printers are now a thing, too. Creating intricate pasta and chocolate creations with an item that looks like a hot glue gun is now possible.

State of the Art Bedroom

Millions of people across the globe aren’t getting enough sleep. Smart beds are hoping to change that by analyzing a sleeper’s movements, heart rate, and breathing to compile an accurate analysis of their sleep health. Your closest hasn’t been left out, either. Amazon recently patented a smart mirror that will allow you to try on your outfits virtually before selecting one. No more going through a mountain of clothes to find the right outfit for your mood that day.

A Bathroom You Never Want to Leave

Ever wanted to have a shower that felt like you got caught in a heavy downpour? With a smart shower, it is now possible to tailor each shower experience with just a touch of a button. Some showerheads are even voice controlled, so you can set up routines to request using just your voice. If you like to burn incense and enjoy a relaxing environment while you soak, smart aromatherapy sessions can help set the mood.

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