3D Chessboard Places King At the Peak


Don’t you wish that your chessboard could sometimes be more attuned to the fantasy of an epic battle? This 3D Chessboard by Ji Lee makes your game look more like an epic massacre on a jagged mountain than a head to head clash on a simple plain.

The newly designed 3D terrain adds a completely new dimension to the already classic game of chess. The King looks even less obtainable now that he is set on his own little pedestal with his deadly wife. Totally worth getting excited over.


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  1. Where can I get one of these?

  2. This got an instant ‘cool’ reaction from the nerd in me, but I think it would be purely decorative – I could just see myself knocking over my own pieces on the upper tiers when reaching down into the center of the board.

    Very creative idea, though!

  3. I love it, let me know when they are available. I play alot of chess and this would look great in my chess line up.

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