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3D Chessboard Places King At the Peak

Don’t you wish that your chessboard could sometimes be more attuned to the fantasy of an epic battle? This 3D Chessboard by Ji Lee makes your game look more like an epic massacre on a jagged mountain than a head to head clash on a simple plain. The newly designed 3D terrain adds a completely new dimension to the already ...

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Cubic Switchplate Adds A Dimension To Your Light Switch

You always hear designers talking about making objects “pop.” Making certain pieces catch your eye. The Cubic Switchplate literally adds a new dimension of a poppability, creating the illusion of a three dimensional cube-shaped light box, without the need of taking up anymore real estate than a normal flat switch. Composed of ABS plastic, the Cubic Switchplate might look like ...

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3-D Tattooing

Found in France, design studio Boucherie Moderne has created some killer three-dimensional tattoos. While some claim they look “animated,” I feel that these are just standard 3-D images on skin. Slap on a pair of glasses and it’ll look like it’s popping out at you. I’d love to get one on my fist. That way, when I punch someone, I ...

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Spinning LEGOs Produce 3-D Blobs

Three-dimensional printing is tough. That is, if you don’t make one out of LEGOs. Gene Hacker posted his creation on Instructables: a 3-D printer made out of LEGO bricks. It’s still in its infancy of development but is more than capable of rendering 3-D blobs of frosting. Unlike regular Cartesian system printers, the one Gene built operates in polar coordinates, ...

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You Spilled Art On Your Table

Here’s something else, furniture called Ripple Series that imitates rippling mercury just like the Vertibral seating imitates spinal structure. It’s from designer Lee J. Rowland who happens to also be an aerospace engineer. And it shows with this out of this world furniture design that uses a three-dimensional machining process along with sheet metal to make these one of a ...

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Illusionary Speed Bumps Make You Crash Into A Parked Car

Reviving WiFi isn’t the only new thing Philadelphia is doing. As part of a city-wide campaign called “Drive CarePhilly,” which is against aggressive driving in Philadelphia, PA-100 junctions have been painted with fake speed humps. These said speed bumps offer an illusionary appearance of a three-dimensional barrier to any oncoming motorist while in fact the road is completely flat. This ...

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