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Mountain Couch Takes You Into The Hills

This has got to be one of the coolest themed couches ever created. Montanara by Gaetano Pesce creates the illusion of a mountain scene right in your living room, including cushion waterfalls and jagged support peaks of doom. The picturesque couch makes you feel larger than life as you use nature’s largest objects as your personal lounging tool. Just watch ...

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3D Chessboard Places King At the Peak

Don’t you wish that your chessboard could sometimes be more attuned to the fantasy of an epic battle? This 3D Chessboard by Ji Lee makes your game look more like an epic massacre on a jagged mountain than a head to head clash on a simple plain. The newly designed 3D terrain adds a completely new dimension to the already ...

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Lamborghini Gallardo Raising Hell In The Snow

If you’ve ever seen Fifth Gear, which is essentially a direct copy of Top Gear on the BBC, then you know it’s all about two things: raw power and fast cars. This video is a direct example of that. It features host Tiff Needell taking a bright green Lamborghini Gallardo on to an ice-covered track and lets her rip with ...

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Oxygen Bag Gets Me Light Headed

When it comes to climbing, backpacks are an important part of your apparel. They carry all of your food, equipment and in some rare instances something beneficially misplaced. That’s where the O2 Bag comes in. The Japanese adventure supply company, Ymup has equipped this ordinary backpack with a battery-powered oxygen generator, making those ascents into thin-air environments all the more ...

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