The Most Expensive Cupcake Ever! Nom Nom Nom….

There’s not a lot known about this delicious looking chocolate cupcake other than three things:

1. It was designed by Judith Leiber.
2. It is jewel-encrusted and full of diamonds.
3. It costs $4295.

Now I believe it acts as an evening bag, so again, I’m assuming most women are throwing things like lipstick, tampons, money and a whole lot of bullshit into this thing. For $5000, why not just get something a little less tacky? I’d certainly take a cupcake from Magnolia of Judith’s any day of the week…

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One comment

  1. I <3 Cupcakes and seeing this made me bring out my money and get ready to buy it!!!!!!!!

    thank you so much for making this!!!!!!

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